Memorial for Carol Koski and Rollin Holton


On February 10, 2012, the Medicine Wheel Healing Community held a Memorial for their two founding board members who passed away in 2011.

The Memorial took place at the Native American Center in Chadron, Nebraska, and the property in Chadron where Carol and Rollin lived.

Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. The days before and after the Memorial were mostly sunny and unseasonably warm. On February 10 it snowed, there was a cold wind blowing and the high temperature reached only 12 degrees F.

  Here are some pictures of the event:  
Native American Center
Chadron Native American Center

Pictures of Carol

Urns of Carol and Rollin
Pictures of Rollin
Rollin's sister Trina Elsner who came from California to attend.
Joe American Horse
Chief Joe American Horse offered a eulogy...
Joe American Horse
... and a prayer.

Tom Cook
Tom Cook took care of the smudging.

  After the eulogies and prayers everybody went to the property where Carol and Rollin lived, to spread their ashes according to their wishes:  

In freezing cold, people gathered on the property.


Getting Ready
Preparations to spread Carol's ashes:
From left to right: MWHC Board Members Joe American Horse,
Isabella Schon, James Robideau and Tom Cook.

Isabella is spreading Carol's ashes
Albert Red Bear praying
MWHC Board Member Albert Red Bear (left) makes a prayer
Getting Ready
Preparations to spread Rollin's ashes:
From left to right: MWHC Board Member Albert Read Bear, Rollin's sister Trina Elsner,
MWHC Board Members James Robideau and Joe American Horse.
Trina is spreading her brother's ashes

After the spreading of the ashes everybody went back to the Native American Center.
Plenty of food was served to honor Carol, who always fed everybody who came to her house:


On the Memorial Cake were roses for Carol, who was a gifted floral designer, a Medicine Wheel for Rollin, who sparked the idea for the Medicine Wheel Healing Community, and Rollin's favorite saying: "It is what it is."


Milo Yellow Hair talks about the cake

People were enjoying the food and sharing memories about Carol and Rollin:


Milo Yellow Hair
The memorial concluded with a Giveaway and a Closing Prayer.
Thank you to everybody who attended the Memorial and gave last honors to Carol and Rollin.