About Medicine Wheel Healing Community




Medicine Wheel Healing Community was formed in 2010 by Carol Koski, Rollin (Ron) Holton and James Robideau. The dream was to develop a Healing Community which will help Native youth in continuing to recover after alcohol and drug treatment by utilizing practical knowledge and strategies of modern addiction psychology, along with the ancient traditional insight, wisdom, and healing methods of the elders.

Medicine Wheel Healing Community was also planning to hold educational experiences that will lead Native people to healthy lifestyles.

Carol Koski built a two-story building on her property which was near completion when Ron passed away in June 2011. Six weeks later Carol also passed away. The property is up for sale now.

James Robideau, as the only remaining Board Member, found four new Board Members to ensure a fully functional Board.

Medicine Wheel Healing Community is a 501 (C) (3) Non Profit Organization in active status which is incorporated in the State of Nebraska.

  Each Board Member has led an active life working to help the Lakota people:  
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James Robideau, Dakota Nation Board Officer, President
Thomas Cook, Mohawk Nation Board Officer, Secretary
Joseph American Horse, Lakota Nation Board Officer, Spiritual Advisor
Isabella Schon, German Board Officer, Treasurer









James Robideau, is a member of the Spirit Lake Nation of North Dakota. For the past forty years he has dedicated his life to help Native people and tribes survive in a non-Indian society.

James Robideau  

He travels to other countries in Europe and South America to educate people about Native American culture and ceremonies. He gives talks about the problems that Native American tribes and individuals are facing nowadays and the related historical background. 

James Robideau's work included: 

  • Working as a tribal law advocate
  • Developing halfway houses and related programs
  • Developing and directing a battered women's shelter on the Pine Ridge reservation
  • Working as an agri-business foreman for a tribal program in Oklahoma
  • Working as a social service director in one of the country's leading Indian health clinics
  • Planning and leading conferences on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Effects among tribes
  • Working as a Social Worker (Child Protection) on Pine Ridge Reservation
  • Being the President of "Dakota Youth Project" a non-profit Organization which was dedicated to help Lakota Youth.


Isabella and cat  

Isabella Schon is originally from Germany. In 1995 she began to visit the Pine Ridge Reservation and Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota once a year. She stayed with Native American families and learned about their history, culture and everyday problems.
The experiences she made on Indian Reservations prompted her to start organizing help for the Lakota people.

In the summer of 2003 she moved to the United States and became a Board Member of the "Dakota Youth Project" (DYP), a non-profit organization helping Lakota youth. She was responsible for the “Support a Rez Kid” program, which helped to find sponsors for youth on Pine Ridge Reservation. When DYP became inactive Isabella Schon continued to find sponsors through a private initiative.

Isabella Schon works as a freelance translator and has experience in the administrative field, project management and entrepreneurship.



Tom Cook is a member of the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in Akwesasne, State of New York.

Tom Cook

He is a Field Coordinator & Program Director for the non-profit organization "American Indian Youth Running Strong".

Since 1986 he is a founding and board member of the Chadron Native American Center.

From 1980 - 1982 he was the Administrative Assistant to the vice-president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

From 1985 - 1986 he was the
Administrative Assistant to the president of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Tom Cook's work also included:

  • President, High Plains Community Development Corporation, Chadron, NE
  • Commissioner, Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs, Northern Panhandle



Joe American Horse is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and one of the traditional chiefs.

His current work includes:

  • Associate Justice, Oglala Sioux Tribe Supreme Court
  • United Nations delegate, Oglala Sioux Treaty Council
  • Black Hills Sioux Nation Council delegate
  • Running Strong for American Indian Youth, Advisory Committee member
  • Spokesman-At-Large, Oglala Sioux Tribe
  • Overseer, Afraid Of Bear / American Horse Sundance


Joe American Horse

Joe American Horse with a picture of his
ancestor Chief American Horse


Joe American Horse's work also included:

1956-57 - State Gold Medalist,
1 mi. (4:28/9, 4:28.1, resp.)

1972-75 - Vice-President,
Oglala Sioux Tribe

1980-83 - Vice-President,
Oglala Sioux Tribe

1982-84 - President,
Oglala Sioux Tribe

1986-88 - President,
Oglala Sioux Tribe

1989-91 - Judge,
Oglala Sioux Tribal Court

1990-94 - Associate Judge,
Oglala Sioux Tribal Court